On the menu

“Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends.”

– Walt Disney

The Olive Social provides marketing services for restaurants, hotels, lifestyle and wellbeing businesses with a focus on excellent customer experience leading to revenue generation. We know how many plates you need to balance to be able to run a successful hospitality business. We also know how much of a labour of love it is, this must shine through in your marketing and your 'why'. 


We only work with a handful of clients from our base in East Sussex, this way we can deliver a personalised, bespoke service based on your needs.


Think of us as your in-house team; bridging a skills gap or managing a team for as long as you need us to. We have many years experience, so we know how to talk your language - what works and what doesn't. 


Let us help to clarify your business objectives, by working together to define a clear marketing strategy to achieve them.


With a fresh pair of eyes and years of experience to draw on, we can help you realise the value of your brand and together drive your business forward.

Laptop & Coffee

Your online presence is your shop front in digital and the best way for new customers to find you, engage with you and turn into advocates. 


We will make sure that your digital presence reflects your brand. This will be backed up by the right analytics to show how our digital marketing efforts are working.

Laptop Work

We will help you develop your brand across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


We can undertake the whole management of your social media, producing high quality content to ensure that the right followers love your brand by boosting your visibility and engagement. 

Taking Picture of Food

We can run all of your marketing - just think of us as your extended team.


You may have a junior marketer in house who needs some direction or guidance that you are unable to give, or you have been trying to multi-task and do it all yourself.


Let us take the pressure off you, by taking care of your marketing for as long as you need us to. 

Coffee and Magazines