Social Media 


Let’s ensure that the teams on the floor are making the most out of your investment in social media and are fully on board.


  • Understanding social media, the channels, how to get involved and encourage customer engagement. 

  • Tutorial in taking great social media friendly photos that tell a story and what you want to see 

  • Defining who your customers are so you can find them on social media. 

  • Marketing (for managers and assistants)

  • Let’s give the management in each location the tools to drive the marketing.

  • Local marketing, what are the opportunities?

  • Local competitor analysis - what is going on in the area i.e. how well do you know your competitors?

  • Local business outreach - how your team can reach out

Social Media Training  - smart phones



Empower your team to market your business. You have worked hard to create a fresh online proposition that fits with the values of your business. Now it is time to pass that on to your employees. Are they fully engaged and helping your customers to be fully engaged too? Let’s work on that.  We have created the below workshops to be taken by your team or your management, with proven results. 

Getting Great Reviews (whole team)

Let’s get those ratings higher and more customers into your business by ensuring that all your employees are getting the best reviews they can.


•   The essence of the brand

•   The power of reviews

•   How to ask for reviews

•   A look at the reviews

•   KPI setting on review sites 


1.   Each section will include an element of preparation with the senior management team, to ensure that the correct message is being given. 

2.  There will also be research into each area and a guidance handout given to each team member. 

3.  A full report will be submitted post the workshop day to management. 

4.  Full support will be given to the teams to aid them in ensuring success. 


Fee: £250 per site, plus travel and expenses for workshops

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